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Innovation, dynamism, rapid response to customer needs - these are the basic principles of LLFC “Osborn Textile”

ИП ООО "Osborn Textile"

Innovation, dynamism, rapid response to customer needs - these are the basic principles of LLFC “Osborn Textile”



         dsc_8098 LLFC “Osborn Textile”was established in 2008, and in a short period  increased and develop production area and capacity in the beginning  from the ring to an integrated factory for the production of  greige , dyed, melange yarn made from 100% cotton, blended melange yarn (cotton / polyester, cotton / modal), bamboo and modal yarn, as well as for the production of  knitted  fabrics, terry  fabric and finished products. The range of  the counts of produced  yarn is from Ne l2 (Nm20) to Ne 40 (Nm 68).

        In doubling and twisting machines of this factory it is possible to get the yarn of definite TPM and several threads twisted.  Nowadays LLFC “Osborn Textile” is one of the best companies in the Uzbek textile sector. The factory is equipped with modern machines made by such famous textile machines manufacturers, as Trutzschler, Rieter, Zinser, Grossenhainer, Volkmann, SSM, Savio, Murata.      The accredited dyeing laboratory has possibility to develop any complex colors, to make an analysis of chemical content, to develop formulations of dyes and to describe the whole cycle of dyeing process in order to get the optimal result in the process of dyeing yarns and fabrics.  

        The quality of the output products is controlled by our  accredited laboratory  on every stage of production cycle from raw material to readymade yarn, which allows you to receive recognition not only domestically, but also abroad.  Key factors in the successful development of production LLFC “Osborn Textile” is availability of high quality main raw material – high sorts of cotton fiber, the availability and sufficiency of energy, a prime location in the center of the largest regional markets, transport - logistic system, a diversified industrial base and human resources. The philosophy and the main advantage of the company are innovation, instantaneous response to demand strict adherence to deadlines and personal approach to customers.