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Dyed yarn

   0000125022_wS9zsXxR  On dyeing factory LLFC «OSBORN Textile» made dyeing of 100% cotton yarn, 100% bamboo yarn and 100% modal yarn.

   Manufacturing capacities permitting  to  produce up  to 6750  tons  of  dyed yarn per year. 

   The range of the counts of produced dyed yarns from 100 % cotton is from Ne 12 (Nm20) to Ne 40 (Nm 68), from 100 % bamboo and 100 % modal yarn’s is   Ne 16 (Nm 27) до Ne 50/1 (Nm 85/1)

    The accredited dyeing laboratory has possibility to develop any complex colors, to make an analysis of chemical content, to develop formulations of dyes and to describe the whole cycle of dyeing process in order to get the optimal result in the process of dyeing yarns and fabrics.