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Dyeing department

DSC_7691         In the dyeing factory the finishing works are made, when the cotton fiber and raw yarn pass through technological process of dyeing. In this factory it’s possible to get semi-finished products dyed in different colors. Dyeing is made by the active dyes, which provide long term exploitation of ready-made products under multiple washing. Factory equipped with dyeing machines with the total capacity of 6.5 tons per day, which allows dyeing 16 tons of yarn and 2.4 tons of fibers per day.

         Cotton yarns and cotton fiber dyeing is carried out in the dyeing machines Dilmenler with loading capacities of 100, 200, 400, 600 and 1200 kgs. There are two methods of drying of dyed yarns and fiber in the factory, those are: drying in high pressure drying machine Dilmenler HT 600 or radio-frequency drying machines RF Systems SRL and Stalam.

          Using reactive dyes and certified safety textile-processing chemicals make it possible to produce high quality and enviromentally friendly goods used by our customers in everyday life.

          High qualified working in dyeing factory developed color map for dyed yarns which helps customers to choose the colors to place their orders; customers also can choose colors in TPX color catalogue or to present samples of yarns and fabrics to the dyeing laboratory enabling dyeing specialists to prepare the dye compositions and dyed yarn tests. Ready tests are directed to the costumers for testing, approving and placing their orders.

         The accredited dyeing laboratory has possibility to develop any complex colors, to make an analysis of chemical content, to develop formulations of dyes and to describe the whole cycle of dyeing process in order to get the optimal result in the process of dyeing yarns and fabrics.