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II - Spinning department


DSC_7797Is the factory on which 100% cotton carded and combed cotton melange yarn, melange yarn composed of cotton and man-made fiber are produced by ring spinning method, 100 % bamboo yarns and 100 % modal yarns.

 The factory is equipped with the newest textile machines made by the world famous textile machines manufacturers, such as Trutzschler, Rieter, Grossenhainer, Savio, Muratа. The capacity of this factory is 6 tons melange yarn per day. The range of the counts of produced yarns is from Ne 12 (Nm 20) to Ne 40 (Nm 68). In doubling and twisting machines of this factory it is possible to get the yarn of definite TPM and several threads twisted.

Melange yarn is produced on the factory on the regular basis in the colors according to the color map developed by the company’s designers. It’s also possible to get melange yarn of any color upon the customer’s request. Also produced 100 % bamboo yarns and 100 % modal yarns.

The quality of the output products is controlled on every stage of production cycle from raw material to readymade yarn. The testing of  yarns is carried out in the accredited laboratory of the company.