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Sewing Department

 DSC_7859          Logical extention of the dyeing and finishing processes is a sewing process. Sewing factory’s annual production capacity is 1200 tons of recycled terry-loop fabrics or 3.0 mln pcs of ready-made textile products.

           In the sewing factory qualified designers and experienced sewing machine operators are working. Designers are composing color combinations for the produced ready-made products; they are also developing designs of the machine embroidery and ready-made products decorations. All finished products pass through quality control, careful inspection and batching. Then they are appropriately packed into waterproof package, so the goods could reach final consumers in worthy state and be used for a long time. 

          At the present time, FC Ltd. "OSBORN TEXTILE" produces and sells high-quality textile products under the brand name "MIRELLE"

          The company produces and offers you the following range of high quality products made from 100% cotton and of cotton / bamboo:

- Bath towels, towels for kitchen and children;

- Wipes for home, hotels, restaurants;

- Dressing gowns;

- Bathrobes for hotels;

- Bedspreads, sheets plain dyed and jacquard;

- Terry products for saunas (kilts and sarongs with a cap);

- Children's corner.


* Color can be selected on the color chart of our company and the catalog TPX

* Design and pattern are selected by customer's wish