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Weaving department

DSC_7664             Preparation for producing ready made goods is started here. The factory is equipped with Sulzer and Vamatex weaving looms of the late modification. Their output is about 135 ton of terry material per month, including one-toned and multicolor jacquard fabrics. Seamless width of the fabrics woven on jacquard looms reaches 2.2 meters, and on dobby machines the width reaches 2.4. High qualified weaving specialists weave fabrics with a density from 300 to 1000 gram per square meter.

             One of the trends of the weaving factory is producing terry-loop fabrics under individual customer orders. Technical opportunities allow to produce fabrics with the desired picture or logo in the fabrics using different dyed yarns, which is useful for the customers who are engaged in the fields of advertising, public food, hotels, restaurants and sport clubs.

             There is a team of technical control working in the weaving factory who are controlling the quality of the goods on every stage of production process.